Bring your A-game and up to nine of your smartest friends to 360 Sky Trivia every Friday night at Bar 94. Enjoy the best views in Chicago while competing for awesome prizes 1,000 feet above the city.

Host Nicole Kawell will test your Chicago IQ with six rounds of questions ranging from pop culture to academia.

Registration is $11 per person and includes admission to the observation deck, so feel free to stick around after. Drinks are available for purchase at Bar 94, or you can use your big beautiful brains to win a round on the house.

Team names may not contain offensive language, including but not limited to the following words:

  • New York
  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • Sears or Willis
  • Any reference to a hot dog being a sandwich

360 Sky Trivia runs every Friday from January through June, pausing for the busy summer months, and returning September through December. Register your team early to secure your spot. Price is per person, not per team.

About Nicole Kawell

Nicole began hosting weekly trivia nights across Chicago while forming a local non-profit. As her popularity spread, she began working numerous corporate events, school fundraisers, and private parties, curating trivia material for each audience. Nicole prides herself on gender and age-neutral content that strikes a balance between pop culture and academics with the ultimate goal of engaging her audience equally and delivering an experience that is both fun and nostalgic.