Apart, Together

A retrospective on 2020

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About the Exhibition

Apart, Together is a collection of photos from local photographers that reflects on the challenges our city faced in 2020. It is visible at 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck from late February through April 2021. The exhibition is included with all admission tickets. Profits from the sale of photo prints will benefit My Block, My Hood, My City. Want to purchase a print? E-mail us at prints@360chicago.com and include the title of the piece you are interested in.


2020 will forever be remembered as a challenging year full of hardship, contrast, solidarity, and division. From the immediate impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic to the widespread protests against longstanding racial inequality, 2020 marked a definitive turning point for our city, our country, and the world.

As we sheltered in our homes and huddled around our phones and TVs, there were times when we felt—physically and ideologically—far, far apart from each other. Yet we adapted, slowly and imperfectly, to a new realty born out of the necessity to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We banded together in protest of institutional racism in the hope that future generations wouldn’t have to suffer the same injustices. We looked out for one another.

This collection of photos is a document to an unparalleled time, one that we will hopefully learn from, together.

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