The Culture: 3 of 77

A commemorative multi media exhibition, celebrating the neighborhoods of Chicago.

About the Exhibition

The creation and co-production of 3 of 77 as both a brand and documentary, was meant to exhibit the culture of Chicago beyond the beauty of Downtown Chicago. Complimenting this, The Culture is a multi-media gallery combining photographs and digital painted imagery, focusing on the neighborhoods of 3 of 77 (Lakeview, Bronzeville, Pilsen) in human form, reflecting the history and culture of what makes these communities and Chicago unique.

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Harvey Pullings, II

A native of Chicago’s Chatham community and Princeton Park (now known as Ivy Park), Harvey Pullings, Jr (born Feb. 14th, 1986) is an Independent Film Director, Photographer, and Creative Director. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago and Moraine Valley Community College, his themes in cinema and imagery are focused on perspectives of gritty cityscapes, the every man, the struggles of identity, and the intimacy of street culture. Pullings’s debut Photo Exhibition, People of the Concrete (2021), a series of street photography from various Chicago neighborhoods, was the first public display of Harvey’s work and commentary on imagery involving middle class Black Chicagoans, a topic that he considers vital to understanding Chicago’s beautiful and layered history and its unique residents.

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