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Ranking the Top Cities for International and Domestic Visitors

Whether it’s a bustling city in the heart of the U.S. like Chicago, an adult playground out west like Las Vegas, or the sun and surf down south in Miami, the US has something for every type of tourist. In the 3.797 million square miles that cover the United States, several cities stand out as top destinations for both domestic and international visitors. Check out the infographic below to see how major American cities rank as must-visit places.

Ranking the Top Cities for International and Domestic Visitors Infographic

It’s hardly surprising that New York City is the top destination for international visitors, with 12.3 million estimated annual visitors from abroad. Canada, UK and Brazil contribute the most to NYC’s international tourist flow, which hit a record high in 2015.

Domestic visitors love the East Coast too, but venture more South – to beautiful Orlando, Florida. In fact, travel agents named Orlando, as the #1 destination for domestic visitors in 2015. With Disney World often considered a must-do experience for kids, Orlando also has the year-round pleasant weather and amenities that cater specifically to traveling families. So popular, in fact, that for domestic traveling, Orlando set a new record for US tourism as the first city to surpass 60 million visitors. That’s a lot of mouse ears!

After Orlando, domestic travelers head to the heartland and visit Chicago according to latest reports. In fact, with 51 million American visitors and a number 2 ranking on the national list, 2015 was a record-breaking year for the Mid-western metropolis. The country’s third largest city is often seen as the ‘the most American of cities’ - friendly, approachable and proud of its colorful past. With unsurpassed architecture, award-winning cuisine, and a stunning lakefront, Chicago surprises first-time visitors and beacons return visits with its wealth of attractions, cultural diversity, and one-of-a-kind finds. More importantly, they’re going home and spreading the word that Chicago is a must-see destination for both international and domestic travelers.

People are traveling more than ever and cities across the country are stepping up their game for how to appeal to the tourists, which means incredible vacations for visitors.

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