Upgrade your visit to 360 CHICAGO with the new Magnicity App

Magnicity is the newest way to experience Chicago

Navigate a 3D map of Chicago in the blink of an eye using the amazing views from 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck. Effortlessly spot Chicago’s key monuments, experiences, historic sites, and hidden gems with Magnicity, a new app designed to help you see Chicago as you've never seen it before.

Enhance Your Visit
Use the all-new Magnicity web app during your visit to 360 CHICAGO. Don't want to wait? Try it now!

A free virtual point-of-interest map

Discover Chicago’s monuments, gardens, attractions, and other landmarks with this interactive city guide. Simply point your smartphone camera towards the horizon to navigate through iconic locations in Chicago.

The Magnicity app is enriched with unique features, including:

  • Travel back in time: Go back and learn the history of the Great Chicago Fire and how it changed the city forever.
  • Chicago Neighborhoods: Discover the unique neighborhoods that make up the city of Chicago.
  • Monuments in 3D: Interact with a selection of landmarks and popular travel destinations in 3D and augmented reality!
  • Stories: Educate yourself with fun, captivating video sequences covering key topics from the city’s past and present
  • Chicago Quiz: Think you've cracked all the secrets of Chicago? Take the quiz to find out!
  • History of the John Hancock Center: Get an overview of the history of our building.
  • Find Chicago's top photo opps: Learn everything you need to know about the city's best points of interest.
  • Discover Paris, Berlin, and Rotterdam: Navigate to our sister cities to see even more from Magnicity

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