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Fermer Online tickets are available through December 22nd. Check back later for future dates. 360 CHICAGO will be closed on Christmas Day (Dec. 25).


If you've found this page, you probably already have 360 CHICAGO in mind for a shoot. We don't have to sell you on the spectacular views of the Chicago skyline that span 4 states, but did you know there are no obstructions like high railings and convectors in the windows? If you are interested to speaking to someone about a film or photo shoot, please fill out the form below.


360 CHICAGO understands that distributing information to the news media is necessary and beneficial. We strive to build strong relationships through media contact and are pleased to present members of the press with information, via press releases or other formats.

High-resolution images, video, and press materials are available upon request.

To send inquiries, including feedback, requests for information, and questions regarding public relations, please fill out the form below.

This form is for media and filming inquiries only. If you are a member of the general public looking to visit the observation deck, please purchase tickets here.

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