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Everything You Need to Know About TILT

In Spring of 2014, the best observation deck in downtown Chicago got even better when we introduced TILT, providing the ultimate window into the Windy City. Thornton Tomasetti’s expert team engineered this new attraction that leans outward from the building’s exterior. Since then, thousands of visitors have chosen TILT to see the whole expanse of the city in a new and different way. TILT allows observers to check out the south and west views of Chicago at a never-before-seen angle. For just $7, visitors can experience the lean-forward, fully glass based architecture to enjoy the views up, down, left and right.


You can purchase your ticket for TILT on the observation deck on the 94th floor at the TILT desk. Chicago CityPASS also offers TILT as an add on activity to visiting the observation deck as a whole. Visiting TILT during summer months allows you to get a clear and green view of the city. We also recommend coming to view the city through TILT during the sunset hours.


Seeing the Chicago skyline during sunset is like nothing you’ve seen before. Make sure you check out what time the sun sets, and then head over to 360 Chicago to watch the sky go from bright to starry through views you cannot get anywhere else. Even if you don’t make it in time for sunset, seeing the Chicago skyline at night is incredible as well.

With summer finally here, make sure you plan to check out the best observation deck in downtown Chicago

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