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Beaches Near 360 CHICAGO

Sandy Beaches

If you see people wearing swimsuits on The Magnificent Mile, don’t be surprised. They’re most likely visiting one of the city’s most beautiful, free points of interest. The lakefront beaches!   Located less than a half a mile from 360 CHICAGO along Lake Shore Drive, Oak Street Beach has long been known as one of the city’s most popular beach destinations. Pristine and serene, this beach is a bustling swimming and sunbathing, and is a notoriously fashionable Chicago spot to see and be seen.


Just a bit north of Oak Street you’ll find North Avenue Beach, another bonafide “urban beach” managed by the Chicago Park District, recognized by the large “ship” serving as a restaurant and locker house, the destination is a favorite among locals who live in the area as well as visitors.


Just north of the Magnificent Mile, Oak Street Beach and North Avenue Beach are ideal respites for sun and fun on the water after a day of shopping or sightseeing. Food, drinks and volleyball games can all be found along this incredible stretch of sand and paths lining Lake Shore DRive.

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