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Celebrate PRIDE and LGBTQIA+ History!

360 CHICAGO Celebrates PRIDE and LGBTQIA+ History 

We've put together a list of small businesses and organizations below to support local PRIDE. This and every month, support LGBTQIA+ communities! 


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360 CHICAGO is proud to celebrate PRIDE and stand in solidarity with all identifying members of the LGBTQIA+ communities. 

When You Visit 360 CHICAGO 

You are supporting on of the most important centers in Chicago, Howard Brown Health Center. A portion of ticket sales go to benefit this critical and accessible health care center. Our views, like our stance, are all inclusive! Enjoy our PRIDE vinyl's for a photo opportunity on the 94th floor observation deck. TILT off the side of the building with TILT, Chicago's highest thrill ride. And of course, enjoy cocktails in the sky from our very own BAR 94! 

This summer is unlike any other, for views that take your breath away and a city with unmatched beauty, be sure to explore Chicago in the warmth of the summer sun! Happy PRIDE.

360 CHICAGO Features:

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360 CHICAGO is proud to feature photographer Tony Abruscato, and The Get Growing Foundation.  Capturing memorable moments from aerial shots to famous parties, Peter Tsai has captured moments and memories for over a decade. 

Get Growing! 

A prominent feature of The Chicago Flower Show ®  , the Get Growing Foundation brings programming and education to this event for all attendees. The mission of GGF is to inspire and educate the next generation of gardeners! You can be a part of it with neighborhood programming, development and horticulture job training with Get Growing Foundation! Grow your rainbow of flowers this PRIDE month!

LGBTQIA + Chicago Neighborhoods

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Enjoy historically queer neighborhoods : Andersonville and Boystown while you're here! Andersonville on Chicago's north side has a rich LGBTQ including Women & Children First bookstore, whose mission promotes the transformative power of literature! Explore this, and many other local eateries and businesses in this diverse and inclusive area. 

Boystown is Chicago's largest LGBTQ inclusive neighborhood boasting a wide variety of restaurants, businesses and bars to enjoy. 

The Parade moved, but not PRIDE 

Pride Fest Chicago may have moved into October, but you can still enjoy this month in Boystown! Check out the famed Legacy walk, and stroll through the rainbow centric streets and businesses that light up this area! In addition, the city's largest LGBTQ center, Center on Halsted can be found here. 

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PRIDE is more than a statement, it's action! Support LBTQIA+ businesses in Chicago this month. From bookstores to eateries, we've got you covered! After, check out 360 CHICAGO to witness breathtaking views of the city. Our views are all inclusive! 

LOVE is LOVE today, but hasn't always been

Brush up on your LGBTQIA + history; understand the activists that paved the way for us to celebrate. At Women & Children First, you can do just that with their intersectional and trans activist section among others to read. Then visit Unabridged Bookstore for a wide variety of gay and lesbian authors and activists of our time and before. 

Hungry Yet??

Visit Big Jones for southern heritage inspired food like crab cakes and fish and grits! Queer owned in the heart of Andersonville, Executive Chef and co-owner Paul Fehribach welcomes many communities and many flavors into his restaurant! Enjoy delicious brunch with friends and chosen family at Tweet, located right next to popular Big Chicks lounge. Speaking of lounge, there are few better ways to celebrate the month with style and entertainment than with the Divas at Kit Kat Lounge! Explore Chicago with PRIDE! 

LGBTQIA + Explore Aesthetic 

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Chicago PRIDE is one of the biggest in the country, but the small businesses need love too! This month, check out everything from clothing to skin care services below. 

We've got to wear 

Browse and start e-shopping with Flamingo Market, an online international marketplace for LGBTQIA artists and small businesses! Flamingo Market supports Business, non-profits, artists and overall makers and community organizers. Join as a creator or shop for one! Not feeling the rainbow, want a more dark vibe? Enjoy Hex Poetry Apothecary for queer feminist artist pins, tarot, poetry and more! Also worth mentioning is Duffy Drop, for hand drawn unique clothing with very inclusive sizes up to 6X!

Small Business is Big Impact!

Continue your support by offering your business to Uncommon Closet, a custom clothing and tailoring shop for all sizes and genders. While fashion is certainly important, so is your health! Start your health journey right this month with Huetzca Health, a skin heath store rooted in herbal medicine that's both Chicago made, unisex and vegan! Perhaps even more important than physical health is the impact of mental health care. Best Therapies is a queer owned and operated therapy affirming practice specializing emotions and trauma informed experts.


LGBTQIA + Organizations

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Chicago is proud to have so many important organizations to address critical needs within the LGBTQIA communities. While it is certainly a time for celebration, it goes without saying that the history of this community needs love and support always. 

Critical to Chicago LGBTQIA communities 

Howard Brown Health is a vital and accessible Chicago Health Center for LGBTQIA youth and adults alike. For the month of June, 360 CHICAGO is giving back to Howard Brown by taking donations online at 360 CHICAGO. Along with the impact of accessible healthcare and safe spaces for this community is the Brave Space Alliance. The Brave Space Alliance is the first Black led, trans-led LGBTQ+ Center located on the South Side. This center is focused and dedicated to providing  resources and programming for the south and west side queer communities, to ensure they are empowered and supported always.

LGBTQIA Rights and Services 

Progress is made every day, but the fight is far from over. Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund is an civil rights organization focusing on the LGBTQIA community as well as those living with HIV/AIDS. Their mission equality through impact litigation and work in public policy. You can also support the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. This foundation continues to suppport the cuase and fight the effect of the disease's long history in the community. It is important to recognize the profound impact of LGBTQIA history, and those we have lost along the way. 


Celebrate and commemorate PRIDE with us in Chicago. 

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