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Things To Do This May

Your Day In May!

There's much to enjoy in May; we celebrate mothers, veterans, and a spring time renewal. We've put together a list of attractions in the area that will complement your visit to 360 CHICAGO!

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This Sunday between 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM visit Michigan and Chicago Avenue! 500 Ecuadorian roses will be given away to honor of mothers, to promote the beauty of the Magnificent Mile and to support Chicago businesses. This wonderful giveaway was made possible by Luxe Bloom, a Chicago based flower company whose flowers last over a year at home! Take photos with #DearMom this Sunday, recieve beautiful flowers and enjoy Chicago with the moms, aunts, and grandmothers in your life! 

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This week only, visit the Lincoln Park Conservatory Spring Flower Show, running until May 9th! As April is known for Earth Day and the start of April showers, start off your May with some beautiful May Flowers!

Spring Flower Show

This spring flower opening is called "Pretty in Pink", featuring a variety of blossoming, colorful flowers of the season. Whether a beautiful Mother's Day stop or a pleasant solo experience, don't miss the Spring Flower Show before it wraps for the month!

About Lincoln Park Conservatory

The Lincoln Park mission is to enhance and promote the historical, cultural and natural assets of Lincoln Park. You can enjoy the beauty in nature, support the conservation efforts of Lincoln Park and start your May with an array of flowers in full bloom.

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If you're looking for something truly mind boggling, look no further than the Museum of Illusions. A perfect mix of education and entertainment, this is the only museum dedicated to completely getting lost in the world of illusion! With over 80 educational visual exhibits, you can experience optical illusions, immersive rooms, holograms and more! Bring your family and learn all about the behind the scenes mechanics within each illusion and a brief description of what you're observing.

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The FRIENDS™ Experience: The One in Chicago is here until May 31st! This experience is full of nostalgia, featuring 12 rooms, interactive set re-creations, the Central Perk café, original props, and countless photo opportunities for you and your friends! Explore the two-story experience and recreate some of the most classic moments from the show! 

You can purchase merchandise and collectibles at The FRIENDS™ Experience store, they have something for new and long time fans alike! A one of a kind activity perfect for your family and your FRIENDS! 

Make your trip to Chicago a trip down memory lane; visit the FRIENDS™ Experience at 540 N. Michigan Ave!  

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The former James Hotel is now the 21c Museum Hotel Chicago, a combination boutique hotel and contemporary art space. Founders Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson created this hotel and museum because they were keen on art preservation and showcasing the everyday challenges and changes in the environment around them. 

Highlight Your Trip

Experience new and powerful works of art today with this multilevel venue with rotating exhibitions! The Chicago location is very unique and is represented by the Evergreen Penguin, which is meant to symbolize renewal, hope and growth with its evergreen color. 

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Located across from us in the (formerly) John Hancock Center is the Museum of Contemporary Art. With a permanent collection of over 2,000 works of art, the MCA is a true Chicago gem. A step outside the transitional art sphere, you'll find this museum challenges any preconceived notions you may have had about the creative art form.

Social Impact

MCA's mission is to create a compelling center of contemporary art that is innovative enough to capture audience attention and effective enough to convey the social, historical and cultural contexts of the art of the present day. The museum has several programs addressing both financial and accessibility needs.

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