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Former Hancock Center to Become Omega Clocktower

April Fools!

Find out what's really happening at 360 CHICAGO! 

Happening Now at 360 Chicago

Forget Big Ben, say hello to Big John. 

875 N Michigan Ave, formerly the John Hancock Center, has reached a new naming rights agreement with Omega SA. The famous Swiss watchmaker, which has a flagship store directly below the Hancock on Michigan Avenue, plans to give the world famous tower a significant facelift. A giant fully-functional clocktower will be constructed over a 4-year period at the top of the tower, making the new Omega Center the 2nd-tallest working clocktower in the world. Construction is not expected to affect residential floors, and a thrill element in collaboration with 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck is also in the works.

Early diagrams of the future Omega Center

Representatives from Omega could not be reached for comment, but one building engineer speculated that impending daylight saving time legislation may have sealed the deal. "At least we won't have to get up there to set the damn thing forward and back twice a year," he said. 

The clocktower is another in a long line of renovations to the historic skyscraper, including 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck's TILT, a moving thrill ride which opened to the public in 2014. Omega Center promises to be another iconic element of one of America's most distinctive skylines.

Construction set to begin...


But while, you're here...

Help us Protect Lake Michigan

Time is running out to protect our Great Lakes from the effects of climate change. 

All Earth Month, 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck is asking you to help us preserve our most valuable natural resource: Lake Michigan. We've witnessed firsthand the changes our beloved lakefront has undergone over the 5+ decades our building has been open to the public. From the 94th floor, we watch weather get more extreme year after year. From rising waters to pollution and plastics to invasive species, our beloved Lakes are at risk.

Luckily, there are a few easy ways you can help preserve them. For starters, you can donate to the Alliance for the Great Lakes using the link below. Lake Michigan is a living, breathing, vital part of our city. During Earth Month, we want to do what we can to preserve the Lake for generations to come.

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